DDial Public Chat
Free Public Chat and Private Chat, Anonymous, Secure and Truly Instant Access

DDial Public and Anonymous Chat

Welcome to a unique chat system that uses the foundation of the original Diversi Dial from the 1980's rewritten and revised for today's modern world. A line number based public chat with layered conversation, games and interactivity. DDial is command line driven allowing users a multitude of actions and features simply by typing slash commands.

Chat Features

  • Instant Access, no sign up required. Simply click Enter at the login screen and you are online as a Guest.
  • Anonymous and secure. There is no recording of messages or monitoring of private messages. Message in - Message Out.
  • Layered conversations. In public channels you can have multiple private conversations happening at the same time. No need for seperate chat windows.
  • 999 channels available for Public and Private use. Channels can be locked for private use only.
  • All Usernames are available. There is no need to search for a username. You can have any username at anytime.
  • Line number based. This is modeled after the 1980's DDial chat system which is Line# Based. All users are assigned a Line # which makes you unique in your chat session and allows people to send you private messages.
  • Multi-Player Social Games. There are currently 3 diferent types of games available for users, all games are 2+ players. Wheel of Words (similiar to wheel of fortune) a /p game, UNO (the card game) a /T Channel Game, and TRIVIA a / Global Game. All games are available to guests; however only members have their scores recorded.
  • Slash Command Based. All chat features from private messages, special actions and games are command line based. This means you type a command to make it happen. For example, To send a private message to someone on line #6 you would enter: /p6 Hi this is my private message
  • Memberships available. Membership gives you unlimited time online and access to many more fun chat features and commands. No personal information is required, only a valid Email Address in the event you forget your password.
  • Discussion Forums are recorded conversations (public or private) on topics created by members for ongoing online discussions.
  • Mobile phones are compatable with MagViz; however to maximize all the features, a laptop or computer will give you the fullest experience not available through a smart phone
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