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Extras and Easter Eggs

There are many Emoticons that you can use within your public and private messages. Click the icon for lists. Or if you are using a mobile phone you can select from any Emoticon already built in. As a member you can SAVE commonly used Emoticons by clicking the + button
As a member select the icon to choose a color. This will drop a color code into your chat message to create the color; use as many as you like. You can also click the + icon to save favorite colors for easy and quick selection
You can Upload or Paste an image from your clipboard to add to your public or private message. Images appear as icons which users need to click to open a popup window for viewing. This makes it so users are not forcing images upon people and become a choice to view. Click the icon to upload or simply press CTRL-V to paste from your clipboard. Images in messages will also appear as a clickable icon
If you paste a fully resolved Hyperlink from a website it will appear as a clickable icon . Clicking this link will open a seperate tab within your browser.
If you paste a fully resolved Hyperlink from YOUTUBE.COM it will appear as an icon that when clicked will open an overlay popup within DDial so you can view while chatting. These overlay windows are Moveable and Sizeable!
In public messages you can mention or reference a user by their exact name as it shows within /s. Ex: Hey There @#! .. where # = The users line number.
This would produce something like: Hey There <Winter>!
To create a public message that Vanishes after 15 seconds from all users screens, simply type a comma , before your message. Ex: ,this will disappear soon
To create a message that mixes uppercase and lowercase, type a Backtick ` before your message. Ex: `hello there. Will produce: HeLlO tHeRe
To create a message that produces a different random color for each letter type a Tilde ~ before your message.
More Eggs
There are a few more easter eggs to be found. If you see something online that you are unfamilair with, ask people =)
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