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Guest Command List

Information and help
Change Handle Name (aka Username). Ex: /h MyUsername
Show users online. Optional /s# for channel#
Toggle on/off fixed Left Panel /s station list with realtime updates
Show Member list
Send private message to line#. Ex: /p6 Hi this is a private message
Display message box# (a-z) or (member#). Type /m to see viewable boxes
Show profile for user#. or click the profile icon in /s or /sm
Tune to channel# (1-999) channels can be public or private
Show last 60 visitors online
Beep notifications toggle on/off. Type /b? to customize
(0-100) Set /beep volume from 0-100%
Show All Member Commands
Request A Free Membership
Show CoSysop list
Forgot my password
Use // commands to open a popup/overlay window to avoid clutering your screen. Works with any info based commands Ex. //s, //sm, //ls, //i, //m# etc

Guests have a time limit of 60 minutes. You can return once disconnected; however you will receive a short callback delay.

Members receive unlimited time, many more commands, features and access to the site. Click here for member commands.

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