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Public Chat

DDial public chat is free and instantaneous with no registration required. All guests are connected on a unqiue line number and usernames can be chosen at anytime without conflict.

Public chat is a realtime live user interactive chat system modeled after the DDial system form the past. This offers a unique experience not seen today.

When you are online in public chat there are different user status's designated by the brackets surrounding each users name. On DDial public chat a Username is referred to as a Handle which is the original term for an alias or username.

( handle ) = Guest
[ handle ] = Member (The Kool Kids)
handle = CoSysop (lords)
handle = Major CoSysop (gods)
handle = Sysop (maker)

Public chat line numbers for each user appear at the beginning of their Handle:
Ex. #3[T1:Handle] 026/#182

#3 = Line Number (for unqiue identification and sending private messages)
026 = Minutes user has been online
#182 = Registered Member Number if they are not a guest

Login today and try the free public chat that started all chat systems you see today.

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