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TRIVIA GAME (multi-player)

Trivia is a global game, which means you dont need to be on any particular channel or send private messages. To begin trivia simply type /trivia at anytime for instructions.

Trivia allows 2-10 players to play and offers a databse of over 45 thousands user contributed questions and answers.

This is a great ice breaker game. For most it is difficult but offers enjoyment in how it plays out. Because the system can only determine a Perfect Match, all unconfirmed answers must be presented to the users playing for verification.

When all users have submitted their answers (and not passed), each player sees the correct answer and the answer guessed by each user where they must vote Yes or No on whether its an accepted answer.

Spelling should not be taken into consideration. Think of if like all players are in a real room answering questions Aloud. Variations in answers may occur but still be correct. So use your best judgement when providing your vote of Yes or No on a correct answer.

Sample trivia question

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