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Member Command List

Send private message to multiple lines. Ex: /p4,6,9 Hi There. Will send a message to line 4,6,9
Set auto /p to Line(s). Type /p=#,#,etc to set line numbers, then Type /p (message) to always send a message to selected line(s). Type /p=(blank) to reset
Send message to Members only (Guests will not see it). Ex: /pm Hi There Members
Add color to your hande with /h#COLOR(handle). Or mix in between letters in your Handle.
Use the color picker to get values.
Ex. /h#ff00ffMyName will create MyName.
Ex. /h#00ff00My#ff00ffName will create MyName
#=(1-9). /h1=(handle), /h2=(handle), etc to save handles.
To activate type /h#. ie. /h1, /h2, etc.
Type /h? to see all saved handles
Public action message, Ex: /a is shaking his head. Outputs "Username is shaking his head"
/a#(action) Private action message to line #
Add an auto Prefix to each of your public messages. /pre #00FF00 --> will always add the color Green to the begining of your message
Set your profile
Monitor channel#. While on another channel you can see messages from the channel you are monitoring, Ex: /t+1 to monitor the main channel
Send messsage to channel#. Ex: /ts4 Hi people on channel Four. This is used when monitoring channels
Boot user from channel (must be moderator: first person in)
Lock channel toggle (must be moderator: first person in)
Mute/ignore public messages from user on line#
Squelch/ignore (private messages) /p's from user on line#
Clear screen chat history
Set your message box content. Ex: /m=This is my message box content.
/m=rotate Toggle auto rotation on/off on public channel #1. This will make your message box viewable to all on an auto rotation
Change your login password. Ex: /pw=NewPassword
Set a custom user status message displayed in the /s. Ex: /us=Back in a Sec!
//+ //-, toggle Auto // comands on or off. When ON, you only need to type /s to invoke //s
View Mention log. People can mention you by typing @# .. where # = your line number. /@? will list the messages where you were mentioned
View /p log. Lists all /p's sent to you
View /pm log. Lists all /pm's sent
Toggle your earned badges on/off
Email sub command list (below)
List emails received
Send email to member#. Ex: /e=001 Hello there!
Delete email# in your email list
Delete all your emails
Show my personal stats
Display msg in uno tiles/ Ex: /u HIYA
Change your default font to any Google font, View Fonts Here. System default: is Poppins. Type /font for additional information
Create colors in messages using a HexCode
Ex: #00FF00 will make this green #FF0000 and this red (use the color picker )

Members have unlimited time on the system and can access all features available on the DDial.

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